Playback: what you need to know about the new Instagram feature

Playback: What you need to know about the new Instagram feature

The social network Instagram launches new useful features.

One of the most useful is the playback feature.

This will allow users to browse 10 selected stories each. To take advantage of the new feature, open the app. At the top of the feed, under the story, the View your 2021 Playback tile will appear.

Next, you need to click on the blue button titled “Playback Playback”. This will allow you to see the 10 stories Instagram has selected for you.

You can then choose whether to add or remove certain stories before clicking on the share button.

& quot; To help you look back over this year, we created Playback from your stories. You can add or remove stories before you share them & quot ;, & ndash; said in the statement.

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