Plastic drainage inlets and their features

Plastic drainage inlets and their features

A rainwater inlet is a container designed to collect water coming from a drainpipe. Such products are made from different materials, but plastic models are the most popular. They produce plastic structures in any shape, they are lightweight and inexpensive. The set of storm water inlets includes grates that protect the storm water system from clogging with debris.

The area of ​​application of plastic storm water inlets is quite extensive. They are used not only for drainage of waste water in summer cottages and household plots. Plastic containers for receiving water are widely used in parking lots, parks, squares, near roadsides, pedestrian and bicycle paths. If, for example, you need to choose a structure that will perfectly fit into the landscape of your site, then you can choose not only its size and shape, but also the color.

The advantages of plastic drainage inlets

The plastic construction is a reliable protection for the blind area, foundation and the area adjacent to the house from a large amount of water, from heavy rains and melted snow. Among all types of storm drains, plastic structures are the most popular. The advantages of plastic storm water inlets in comparison with other drainage systems are as follows:

– low weight;
– ease of installation;
– strength;
– long service life; < br />– the presence of a multi-stage system for water purification from debris;
– easy care.

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Plastic is a lightweight material, so products made from it are lightweight. Plastic storm water inlets are mounted so simply that even a non-specialist can easily cope with this task. If it is necessary to increase the volume of water flowing down from the roof, then the plastic stormwater inlet can be extended by installing the same elements on top of each other.

Such structures are resistant to sudden changes in temperature, chemicals and high pressure. Since the plastic containers for collecting water are made of high-strength material of good quality, they have a long service life, which is guaranteed by the manufacturer.

The multi-stage water purification system is a reliable protection of the sewer system from being clogged with various debris. The design has a removable waste basket for easy cleaning.

Plastic drainage inlets and their features

Rules for installing plastic storm water inlets

In order for the drainage system to function properly, it must be installed in accordance with all the rules. First, they dig a pit that exceeds the dimensions of the structure. Sand should be laid at its bottom, well moistened and tamped. Next, you should connect all the necessary pipes and trays to the storm water inlet. At the next stage, concrete is poured onto the bottom of the pit and the receiver is installed, reinforcing its walls with concrete mortar. After that, the entire plastic structure is completely assembled and covered with a metal grate.

Before starting the installation of the storm water inlet, you need to find out to what level the ground freezes. If the structure is installed above this level, the water in the sewer system will freeze.

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