Plant foods you should eat for longevity

Які рослинні продукти варто їсти для довголіття

What kind of food prolongs life

Scientists told about what plant foods must be in the diet of people who strive to be centenarians. It’s much easier than it seems.

Scientists from the Harvard school of public health named Chan reported that the prevalence of plant Goodies in the diet can have a positive impact on health. Therefore, do not neglect vegetables, fruits, nuts and whole grains, because they reduce the risks of premature death.

This was confirmed by a study in which analyzed data on 47 thousand women and 25 thousand men at the age of 64 years. All the volunteers have not had any problems with the cardiovascular system.

It was found that those subjects who followed a more plant based diet had 8% lower risks of premature death. These people had a preference to one portion of whole grain Goodies, servings of fruits and vegetables daily and not abused sweet drinks.

Які рослинні продукти варто їсти для довголіття

How to extend the life

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