Planned attacks: details about the arrest of the brother of the terrorist Zubeidi

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 Planned attacks: details about the arrest of terrorist brother Zubeidi < /p>

The Israel Defense Forces confirmed information about the operation to arrest the brother of the terrorist Zechariah Zubeidi – Jibril in Jenin.

The corresponding statement was made on the afternoon of February 12.

It is specified that the fighters of the IDF, together with the Magava and Shin Bet, arrested the terrorist's brother. Jibril Zubeidi surrendered when Israeli forces arrived at the house where he was staying.

“Zubeidi is engaged in terrorist activities against security forces and planning terrorist attacks. He is also suspected of being involved in the kidnapping of the body of a teenage Druz, Tyrant Fero,” the report said. /embed] It is clarified that Zubeidi is a member of the terrorist cell “Tanzim”, which is associated with Fatah.

During the operation, the Israeli military opened fire and threw stones and explosive devices at them. The soldiers responded with live shots. It is specified that during the search, ammunition was also found in the car.

IDF soldiers have not been reported,” the military said.

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