Plane passengers have accidentally set a record: “I’ve Never seen such”

Самолет с пассажирами случайно установил рекорд: "Никогда не видел такого"

A passenger airliner was caught in a powerful air flow and shocked the pilot

On February 19 the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner British airline Virgin Atlantic has carried out regular flights on the route. He accidentally reached a record, unprecedented for this type of aircraft. This is reported by foreign media.

The plane was flying from Los Angeles to London. At height of 11 kilometers it picked up airflow. Thanks to the powerful flow, the liner was developed over the Pennsylvania record speed in 1285 kilometers per hour. It’s faster than the speed of sound, which is 1234 kilometres per hour. Usually these planes overcome 902 kilometers per hour. Due to a sudden acceleration from nature itself, the ship arrived at the destination airport 48 minutes early.

Самолет с пассажирами случайно установил рекорд: "Никогда не видел такого"

Pilot with 25 years of experience Peter, James admiringly commented on the incident: “Almost 800 miles per hour (more than 1280 km/h, the speed of the aircraft), never seen such a tailwind in my life!”, — he wrote. James noted that the air speed reached 200 miles per hour, i.e., about 320 kilometers per hour.

As experts noted, caught in a powerful air flow, the liner was moving faster than sound only relative to the surface of the earth. Sound barrier Boeing 787-9 crossed, because it needs to overtake the surrounding air currents. However, the flow briefly gave the aircraft a significant acceleration.

It became known earlier about adult entertainment, the Australian pilot. Bored during the flight, the man began to fabricate in the air pirouettes with intimate hint. He drew in the air words and… something else.

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Самолет с пассажирами случайно установил рекорд: "Никогда не видел такого"

The pilot was to test a new jet engine. For this, he by light aircraft Diamond Star rose in the air and maintained a certain speed. The pilot completed the task, but in the way came up with three hours in the air to draw the phrase “I’m bored” (“I’m bored”).

Apparently, this seemed to him a little and he began to break away at full speed – depicted two figures similar to the male genital organ. All this artwork was depicted on the website FlightAware. As the service, so the aircraft broke 669 kilometers. In the Management of civil aviation security has decided not to punish the pilot, because he adhered to the norms and safety regulations.

Recall, the storm blew the plane during landing: 189 people were on Board.

As reported Politeka crash in the mountains: a plane full of people flew into the snow, there was a video of incident.

Also Politeka wrote that the aircraft with the Russians suddenly sat down in Odessa.

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