Plane crash in Tatarstan: the embroiderer named the cause of the emergency

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Plane crash in Tatarstan: embroiderer named the cause of emergency

30-year-old Dmitry Derbishev managed to survive.

On the morning of October 10, a plane with paratroopers crashed in Tatarstan. Out of 22 people on board, 6 managed to survive. One of the rescued said that the cause of the disaster was a problem in the engine, reports with reference to Channel 24.

In the plane crash in Tatarstan, 30-year-old Dmitry Derbishev succeeded survive. He told what led to the crash.

One of the paratroopers named the cause of the plane crash in Russia

According to Derbishev, the tragedy was caused by a problem with the engine. The plane did not manage to climb to the required altitude. The parachutist assured that the pilots acted in accordance with the instructions.

The man is now in the hospital, he is being examined. He added that he did not feel severe pain during the fall of the airliner.

Plane crash in Tatarstan: what is known

  • In the morning in Menzelinsk, in Tatarstan, the plane L-410 crashed, on board of which there were 22 parachutists and crew members.
  • As a result of the incident, according to preliminary information, 16 people died, including 2 pilots. 6 people managed to survive, one of the wounded was in a very serious condition.
  • Emergency services continue to work at the scene of the accident.

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