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Tel Aviv's restaurant landscape is extremely diverse. It is almost impossible not to find a place to your liking in it. Those who come here for the first time, or have not been here for a long time, look around in surprise and try to figure out which institution to sit at the table. Which cafe do you prefer? Which bar to visit. Which restaurant to dine with sea view.

Since more and more people come to Israel not only to relax, but also to live, they all strive to find “their” places. Restaurants where they taste best, are most pleasant, where they want to come by themselves, invite friends, sit alone or in company, where it is always good. Small but important “places of power” that consistently give only positive emotions.

First you need to decide – what kind of cuisine do you prefer, and what kind of atmosphere is closer to you. The most common menu, which is logical, is conditional
mediterranean. Why conditionally, if the city stands exactly on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea? Because the variations of cuisine based on local products, including seafood, are endless here. Working with fish, crabs, mussels, shrimps, octopuses and squid in Tel Aviv is loved and knows how. Here it's just – fish market nearby, everything is fresh, local.

The menu of the Villa Mare and Villa Mare TLV restaurants includes seafood and meat, fish and vegetables, a variety of appetizers and salads, pasta and risotto. Such a concept
of Mediterranean style and European sophistication was formed as the location of the – the first Villa Mare is located right on the beach in Bat Yam, and the second – right on the seashore, on the famous Tel Aviv promenade, and the requests of the guests, as well as the character of the founders.

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A separate pleasure for those who have come both recently and long ago will be the recently created menu from childhood in the restaurant: the most delicate hand-made dumplings and dumplings, borscht and herring with potatoes and, of course, the signature “Napoleon”.

Villa Mare was the first to open on the beach, and immediately became one of the favorite places for breakfast, lunch and dinner under the lapping of the waves and the view of the endless sea.

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The second restaurant, Villa Mare TLV, has recently opened, and its veranda with a view of the sunset does not know idle time anymore – everyone wants to see the sun go down in the blue-blue sea with a cocktail or a glass of cold white wine. By the way, the cocktails and wine list here are special, made with love and for every taste. What about music? The music here is pleasant, quiet and does not interfere with sincere conversations.

In addition to breakfast, lunch or dinner in one of the Villa Mare restaurants, there is a great opportunity to order a celebration of almost any level, at any time of the day. Depending on the season, you can choose whether your event will be held in an air-conditioned room or right on the open veranda, to the sound of the waves and pleasant music.

 The place you like

So let's get to know each other! Come for lunch, lunch or a snack after a walk by the sea, have dinner for two or a company, celebrate holidays and memorable dates – Villa Mare Bat Yam and Villa Mare TLV know how and love to make any format and are always waiting for guests.

Villa Mare TLV, Herbert Samuel, 88, Tel Aviv. Phone: 074-7725322
Villa Mare Bat Yam, Ben Gurion 69, Bat Yam. Tel.: 03-9222958

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