Photo studio in your pocket. Reflections of a professional photographer

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 Photo studio in your pocket. Reflections of a professional photographer

– Filming a wedding on your phone? Never! Macro photography without a macro lens or at least macro rings? Nonsense! Photographing at night without light-sensitive optics? There is no point! – so I said, but I didn’t get to the master class of one famous photographer. He called us “turtles” for big backpacks with sets of lenses and cameras on his back, and he shot with a light camera and – oh, my God! – to PHONE. He has also worked for big brands, wealthy clients and even weddings! At that time, we did not believe that technology would quickly allow us to shoot professional shots on our phones,” says Natalia Sakovski, a well-known Israeli photographer.

 Photo studio in your pocket. Reflections of a professional photographer

– Today, smartphone manufacturers are vying to overtake each other in the sophistication of their devices. They are constantly improving ergonomics, increasing the number of pixels in cameras and the energy consumption of batteries. They supplement phones with artificial intelligence and provide a whole set of built-in cameras for different occasions. All this allows ordinary people and even professional photographers to get a unique and affordable tool for promoting their business, preserving memories and even for professional shooting. I really love my big camera for the quality of pictures it provides.

 Photo studio in your pocket. Reflections of a professional photographer

But still, sometimes I prefer to use not her, but the phone. And yes, it's more convenient for me. Social networks have become our guide in business, and now, if you don't want to give up on them, but for a constant influx of new customers, it is simply necessary to maintain your account. I am now looking for services, specialists and even a cafe for breakfast in social networks. And then the choice depends, among other things, on the visual. I myself often shoot for the pages of various specialists and see how difficult it can be to make high-quality content for them. Sometimes the light is wrong, sometimes it's not close enough…

A photo studio in your pocket. Reflections of a professional photographer

But! Today, with minimal knowledge of composition and technical capabilities, the entire visual for your business can be shot on a PHONE. And I'm completely serious. Yes, it may not be suitable for large advertising companies when you need to print a picture 10 meters long for a poster along the road, but if we are talking about the format of posts in social networks, target or content, about newspapers and websites … the phone will easily become yours best friend.

Recently, I got a new and, I'm not afraid of this word, unique phone from Samsung – Galaxy S22 Ultra. It has a 100x zoom capability. And equipped with not only the most powerful, but also the smartest camera from Samsung, with new AI features that will make any image captured in any light look professional. Built into the phone is the Expert RAW app, which includes a complete set of editing tools for DSLR-style work. With the ability to save photos in RAW format up to 16-bit, you can edit more data in your images. Just like with a DSLR, you can lighten or darken photos using ISO and shutter speed, adjust white balance to make a photo warmer or colder, and manually focus on the right subject to make your photos look exactly the way you want them to. Of course, you will have to spend a little time to figure out all the features. It would be nice to learn how to correctly build the composition of the frame – in a course or on your own, but trust me, it's worth the time spent.

 Photo studio in your pocket. Reflections of a professional photographer

The phone is equipped with Samsung AI (artificial intelligence), which significantly improves the quality of photos. The S22 Ultra is equipped with a 2.4um sensor, which is Samsung's largest pixel sensor, allowing the camera to capture more light and data, thus improving the lighting and detail of your videos. In addition, the Super Clear Glass lens helps you shoot night videos with smoother, clearer images without glare. Automatic video framing ensures that the camera lens always captures anyone, whether it's one person or ten people.

Architecture and jewelry can be captured equally easily with this phone. And the macro camera will be appreciated by beauty professionals.

I tend to shoot with add-on apps more often, I like to manage all the camera settings, but even the standard one will give you consistently great results.

 Photo studio in your pocket. Reflections of a professional photographer

Of course, this is not only a phone and not only a camera – modern smartphone — it's much, much more, but that's another story, as they say…

And finally, a few words about my work. Each professional photographer, of course, has his own niche, a job that he is especially good at. My niche — it is a female portrait and Fashion. I take photos and videos. I often shoot for businesses, this is the most popular direction for today. My works can be seen on Instagram @natali.sakovsky And you can write and book a time for a photo shoot by calling 0584926502 or on Facebook

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