Pfizer CEO: Our current vaccine is very effective

Pfizer CEO: Our current vaccine is very effective

Pfizer CEO Albert Burla is not worried about the new Omicron coronavirus strain.

He made the corresponding statement in an interview with Yediot Ahronot ;.

& quot; We still do not know if Omicron can bypass the protection provided by the vaccine. But we know for sure that our current vaccine is very effective. I believe that the best option at this time against the spread of the Omicron strain and any other new option is that all people who meet the vaccine criteria will be fully vaccinated with three doses '', & ndash; Burla noted.

He added that Pfizer is updating its versions of the vaccine for new strains. Studies based on previous variants of the coronavirus formed the basis for adapting the existing vaccine for Omicron.

Burla also explained that it may take about 100 days to develop and produce an individual vaccine for the South African strain.

“I can tell parents that I’m 100% sure that they should give the vaccine to their children, because the risks are much lower than the risk from COVID”, & ndash; he added.

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