Pfizer CEO: Israel Is a Beacon of Hope for the World

Pfizer CEO: Israel is a beacon of hope for the world

Israel is a beacon of hope during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Pfizer CEO Albert Burla made a statement in an interview with Yediot Ahronot ;.

He remembered how at any time of the day former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called him about the coronavirus and the development of a vaccine. Now Naftali Bennett is in contact with him.

“We have developed a personal relationship because when people call, you talk to them about these problems and see their efforts to do the right thing. things for their citizens, & ndash; you cannot but communicate with them. It doesn't matter to me who the prime minister is, I will do everything in my power for Israel '', & ndash; he noted.

Regarding the claim that Israel is the world's experimental vaccination laboratory, Burla responded that “Israel is a beacon of hope in this pandemic.”

“ ; This is a country that demonstrated to the world at a very early stage that we can change the course of the disease. When Israel returned to normal life in March, three months after the start of vaccinations and a year after the start of the pandemic, and the population could go out and make a living thanks to the vaccine, it raised hope: “ We, too, want to be free like Israel. '' Therefore, Israel will forever remain a ray of hope in the history of the pandemic '', & ndash; summed up Burla.

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