Petrosyan filmed during a passionate kiss with Elena Sparrow: “Keep me seven”

Петросяна засняли во время страстного поцелуя с Еленой Воробей: "Держите меня семеро"

Elena Sparrow published the photograph with Yevgeny Petrosyan

Elena Sparrow and Yevgeny Petrosyan photographed in St. Petersburg. The frame of the joint Russian comedian posted on his official page in Instagram.

“Oh, “slept”?!😱🤣🤣🤣Precious meetings….Yevgeny Vaganovich in the Variety theater, St. Petersburg…… Can’t I long to be serious. Oh, I’ll take E. V., Oh, hold me seven, a good man, all the time positive, engaged in sports, passionate about job…That my name is not annoying and did not resemble the former, will be asked to briefly call themselves the “E-2″,” – wrote Elena Sparrow.

Петросяна засняли во время страстного поцелуя с Еленой Воробей: "Держите меня семеро"

Fans appreciated the picture. “That’s right, Holy place is never empty,you must be also always on the positive”, “the Meeting of two buzzzzzing talented person,and you Helen just fire, Exactly suits you very well, do not get lost act”, “What a beautiful couple!! Very creative personality!!! “, “Just bedrooms🤣”, “You look very handsome and come together , happiness to you !!!!!”, – was scattered in compliments fans.

Later Yevgeny Petrosyan has posted on his page in Instagram photo, which gently kisses Sparrow.

“Today in the top of the picture. My series is really hot. 👉🏻 I don’t know why, but people discussing our arms. Seen the other is not. Thank you for your attention! All free! “—ironically signed photo of the artist.

“Wow, that’s hot!”, “Love for all ages”, “Yes you have a harem planned,” “of Course in the top!!! The man with the bird kisser!”, “Wow!!!!a passionate kiss right😍” — supported joke Petrosian his subscribers.

Петросяна засняли во время страстного поцелуя с Еленой Воробей: "Держите меня семеро"

Recall that the Russian comedians Elena Stepanenko and Evgeny Petrosyan lived together for over 30 years and decided to divorce in August 2018. From the press leaked information that the reason was the helper of the artist Tatiana Brukhanova who is younger than his 42 years.

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Humor divorced quickly, but with the division of joint property is not so simple. Stepanenko demanded 80% of the multimillion-dollar state.

Recall, the mistress Petrosian went out in public with a wedding ring.

As reported Politeka fans scared new photo Petrosian.

Also Politeka wrote that Petrosian was the heir “on the side”.

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