Performer legendary rock hits lit up on stage: CHP caught on camera

Исполнитель легендарных рок-хитов загорелся на сцене: ЧП попало на камеру

During the performance of the legendary hit a rock singer caught fire hair

American band Hairball known that to echo hits such rockers as Van Halen, Motley Crue, Queen, Journey, Aerosmith, and Kiss. Her performances are popular not only among older people but also young people, and always pass with great success. Especially memorable was the concert in the American city of Sioux city, where the band was Hairball performed their hit Kiss called Detroit Rock City, writes Medialeaks.

At first everything went well. Vocalist and guitarist Bobby Jensen in the image of Paul Stanley sang the hit under the approving noise of the assembled crowd, but then the unexpected happened. Behind the musician exploded fireworks, one of the sparks fell on his hair, and the hair broke.

Исполнитель легендарных рок-хитов загорелся на сцене: ЧП попало на камеру

The Jensen immediately ran over a few people to put out a hairstyle, but his reaction was so cold-blooded as possible. He behaved as if nothing had happened.

The video hit Reddit and went to the top, collecting 64 thousands of Apatow. Redditors agreed that such a singer has already happened or it was a wig, otherwise how could he react so calmly. But in an interview with Ultimate Classic Rock, Jensen admitted that the first time and lit up his own hair.

“I live life Iweala Knivela (the famous American artist stunts on a motorcycle), so well, caught fire a little, so what, the fun began. I immediately felt that hair is on fire, but now I have a haircut like Alice Cooper. Yes, with me this first time, but I never doubted that my guys will do the right thing, and so I just continued to sing,” said the singer.

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In the comments people pointed out that this exposure can only envy, many wrote that Jensen on stage proved true professionalism.

Исполнитель легендарных рок-хитов загорелся на сцене: ЧП попало на камеру

We will remind, the winner of the beauty contest caught fire during the ceremony.

As reported Politeka, Alla Pugacheva was accused of the death of the popular singer of the 90s.

Also Politeka wrote that winnik was cloned on the Internet: anyone can use.

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