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 Per Galaxy S22 ad astra

Galaxy S22 camera update allows you to take professional photos of the starry sky
Earlier this year, the Galaxy S22 series of smartphones delighted users with a professional-level camera with enhanced Nightography features . Now she is even better. With the latest version of Expert RAW software and the new Camera Assistant app1, users can take professional-quality photos.
​​​​​​​Astrophoto function in Expert RAW will help you photograph galaxiesExpert RAW expands the S22's already great night shooting capabilities with the powerful Astrophoto feature, which allows amateurs to observe the stars and take clear and beautiful photos of the constellations and celestial bodies. The Sky Guide night sky guide pinpoints the location of constellations, clusters and nebulae. In turn, the smartphone camera will take pictures for a specified time based on the trajectory of the movement of celestial bodies and using advanced technologies of intelligent segmentation and multi-frame processing. The result is stunning celebrity photos that look like they were taken with advanced professional equipment.

 Per Galaxy S22 ad astra

​​​​​​​More creative users can take advantage of the multiple exposure feature to take multiple shots at once and then combine them into one frame using blend modes. In addition, you can experiment with overlaying multiple images and unleash your creativity by creating unique abstract shots. Beta versions of Astrophoto features and “Multi-exposure” are available in the “Special Photo Options” section. in the Expert RAW settings menu.
Full control of the shooting process with the Camera Assistant app

Avid photographers have their own style of shooting, so it is important for them to have a camera that allows them to be creative in this process. The new Camera Assistant app gives you the flexibility to customize your shooting with a choice of automated functions.
The program is already available in the Galaxy Store or through the Good Lock app. New features will appear immediately after the installation is completed: you need to click on the program icon, open it in Good Lock or through the Camera Assistant menu in the “Camera Settings” section; in the proprietary camera app.
Camera Assistant activates certain features, including Auto Lens Switch, Auto HDR and «Shooting speed». In addition, the photographer will have more options, such as the number of shots the camera will take after the self-timer expires.
The Camera Assistant app gives you access to the following features:
Auto HDR: If the user wants to take an atmospheric photo without the HDR effect, you can simply disable this mode. Image Softening: This feature will smooth out harsh edges and textures.
Auto Lens Switching: You can now disable this feature in dark environments or when you are close to your subject. The function can be turned off in the menu if the photographer prefers to use a long lens instead of a wide-angle lens when shooting a close-up subject.
Video recording in photo mode: long press in photo mode starts video recording. This feature can now be disabled to prevent accidental triggering.
Number of shots by timer: When the self-timer expires, the camera will automatically take multiple burst photos. You can now set the number of these shots (1, 3, 5, or 7).
High-speed shooting mode allows you to take up to seven shots per second, which is very convenient when photographing moving subjects. Camera auto power off makes it possible to select the time after which the camera application (preview screen) turns off: 1, 2, 5 or 10 minutes.
Preview on HDMI displays connected to the camera displays a preview window without menus and buttons .
The updated Expert RAW and Camera Assistant apps are currently available on Galaxy S22 series devices running One UI 5 or later. Some features will only be available when using certain modes or lenses.

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