People's curiosity killed walrus, popular among tourists

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 People's curiosity killed the walrus, popular among tourists

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In Norway, the authorities decided to euthanize a walrus named Freya, popular among tourists. It is reported by the Air Force. Freya settled in the fjord in Oslo this summer. The nickname was given to her in honor of the Scandinavian goddess of love. The walrus weighed about 600 kg. Tourists and locals gathered to look at her, despite warnings that it was dangerous to approach her. The Norwegian Fisheries Authority released a photo of a large group of people standing at arm's length from the animal. This put everyone in danger. The walrus could get scared and attack. In the end, it was decided to put Freya down due to the “continuing security threat”. Previously, this walrus was noticed in the UK, Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands.

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