“People were crying hysterically.” Palestinians at the funeral of terrorists in Nablus

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Thousands of people came to the funeral procession of five Palestinians killed during a security raid in Nablus in northern PA.

Three of them &ndash ; Hamdi Kayem, 35; Wadi al-Hawa, 31; and Mishal Baghdadi, 27, were members of the Lion's Den armed resistance based in the Old City of Shechem. %5Etfw[/embed]

Qusay al-Tamimi was killed Tuesday morning in clashes with the Israeli army in the village of Nabi Saleh on the western outskirts of Ramallah in central PA.

“There is sadness in Shechem, a very heavy atmosphere” – says Bakr Abdelhak, local journalist for Palestinian television. “The fighters, despite their youth, were respected and enjoyed great popularity by the Palestinians.”

“At the funeral, people cried hysterically,” – Khaled Jamal, a 25-year-old resident of Nablus who witnessed the raid, tells Khaled Jamal. and tension in the city: “There are a lot of armed people in the streets who are firing live ammunition into the air without stopping. There is rage in the air. Everyone is on strike. Everything is closed”.

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