Pentagon UFO Report: Reports skyrocket, surpassing 500

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 Pentagon UFO Report: Uploads skyrocket to over 500

The US Office of National Intelligence is investigating new reports of UFOs, which have more than tripled from last year.

The Pentagon has declassified a new report showing 510 such incidents are currently known, typically witnessed by Navy and Air Force pilots and operators.

This is a significant increase from the 144 incidents reviewed in the original report in June 2021.

Pentagon office reviewing reports of “unidentified aerial phenomena” (UAP), studied 366 new reported incidents. It was determined that about half of them are “undistinguished” and attributed to human factors.26 were identified as drones, 163 — like balloons, six — due to air interference.

However, more than a hundred cases, namely 171, have not yet been explained. This means that not enough information was collected to identify the objects. According to the report, some of the reports appear to have “demonstrated unusual flight and operational characteristics and require further analysis.”

It is clarified that none of the reports were associated with any “extraterrestrial activity.” ;.Studies of "unidentified air phenomena" continue at the interagency level due to fears that they are unknown spy objects from other countries.

, – the document says.

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