Pelicans die due to bird flu outbreak in Venezuela

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 Pelicans die due to bird flu outbreak in Venezuela

Numerous pelicans were found dead over the weekend along the coast of Venezuela, where they arrived during their annual winter migration.

Peru and Ecuador are also at risk of bird flu outbreaks .

In recent months, bird flu has been affecting migratory birds in North America and many other countries.

Pelican bodies have appeared on beaches and promenades, in mangroves and trees in the North western state of Anzoategui.

Tested positive for bird flu.

As a preventive measure, the government has imposed a 90-day quarantine in five states to avoid spreading the infection to other bird species , especially those that are eaten by humans.

New regulations prohibit the export of live birds and fertilized eggs from quarantine states, and entire flocks that may have come into contact with infected birds must be culled.

Last January, at least 750 pelicans died in a similar outbreak of bird flu in Senegal.< /p> Follow us on Telegram

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