Patrice Bergeron crowned at the symposium

Patrice Bergeron couronné au symposium

Patrice Baillargeon, a young artist of 26 years old Alma, has won the first prize of the 12th annual symposium of The Reports to Sympose the NCA. Installation bi/three-dimensional titled #faceàfake allowed him to put the hand on the Stock of the NCA of $ 800.

The NCA has revealed the identities of the seven recipients selected from among the 23 participants at the symposium this week.

This year, the second prize was awarded to two participants. Audrey Lapointe, age 22, Baie-Comeau, for his 5 minutes in the post and Jordan Root, 28, of Quebec, for his work Wheel of fortune, were awarded the prize of the Fondation Asselin du Cégep de Jonquière at a value of $ 500 each.

The third prize, the Award of the jury of a value of $ 400 was awarded to the painter Maude Hallé, 23 years old, from Montreal, for his work to Dare or not to act.

The 4th prize with a value of $ 300 was awarded to Charlyne Boivin, age 32, of Victoriaville, thanks to his work We are puppets.

The work Mathieu Mantej Hayley will Rudy-Mae Vézina-Dionne, 28, of Montreal, to perform an artist residency at Centre Sagamie, a prize worth $2500.

A special Mention with a scholarship of a value of $ 100 has been awarded to a student representing one of the cegeps participants from the region. The prize has been awarded to Laura Gagnon-Allard, 18, of the College of Alma, for its implementation 200 million.

Finally, a special mention has been given to Jordann Gagnon, 29, of St. Ambrose, for his daring and his exceptional commitment to the public of the Symposium.

The jury of the 12th symposium of the CNE was composed by Lise Gauthier, president of the Board of directors of the Institut of arts in Saguenay, Manon Guérin, director of the national exhibition Centre, Chantale Hudon, owner of the gallery, The Corniche and honorary president of the Symposium, Pol Turgeon, illustrator and artist invited to the Symposium and Nicholas Pitre, director general of the Centre Sagamie.

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