Patriarch Kirill complained that he was not allowed into the EU

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 Patriarch Kirill complained that he was not allowed into the EU

Patriarch Kirill complained that he was denied entry to the European Union.

The head of the Russian Orthodox Church stated this at a meeting with the Catholicos-Patriarch of the Assyrian Church of the East Mar Ava III, which was held in Moscow, the website of the patriarchy reports.

During the conversation, Patriarch Kirill touched upon the topic of world events, in particular in Ukraine: place today on the territory of our Church, to speak about the situation that has developed in the Donbass and in New Russia. By the way, the Assyrians also live in this territory. It is quite obvious that this conflict has political reasons.

The Patriarch stated that “some political forces in the West, which have taken a radical anti-Russian position, purposefully seek to impede the activities of the Moscow Patriarchate”, and mentioned that he was closed entry into the EU.

“Now an unprecedented decision has been made: not to let the Patriarch into the territory of the European Union. This even during the Cold War did not have. The question arises: why? If they are right and I am wrong, invite me to television, enter into a dialogue with me, prove your case. They are afraid of this because the right is on our side, not on theirs. They have a very weak position — In general, the position of isolationism is always weak. And we are open to communication both with those who love us and with those who do not love us,” said Patriarch Kirill.

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