Patras dialed out: Felix made me a cow

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Patras dialed out: Felix made me a cow

When she found out that her husband was lying with a temporary ischemic brain attack in the Písek hospital, she wanted to follow him immediately. She was also overwhelmed by the fact that her husband collapsed in the presence of the ex-wife Lucie Gelemová (38) when he went on a trip with her.

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“I was very worried about Felix, because he’s my husband I still love,” he says Dad. She immediately set off for the apples Felix loved and called him to follow him. And she got an ice shower. “He told me not to think that he didn’t want to get upset and that Mrs. Gelem came to see him every day anyway. So it disappointed me a lot. Who else should go after him but his rightful wife, with whom he has lived for 40 years? ” Dada asks incomprehensibly, who didn’t go anywhere in the end. “I’m not going to be thrown out of somewhere.” he notes that even all this would pass. Felix did not bother, but then told the media that Lucie and his daughter René (44) from their first marriage were behind him and that the children Anička (26) and Felix Jr. also wanted to go after him. (38), but he explained to them that it was useless to drive such a distance due to a half-hour and that he was already well.

“And that he would mention that I wanted to go after him, so he didn’t bother. He made me a nice cow in public like that, “ Dáda strongly comments, which then calmed down and was on Felix when he called her on Monday that ex-lady Lucie was taking him from the hospital to Prague again, like honey. “I also figured out that Felix had made our common Mercedes available to the lady,” says Dada, saying that after Gelem brought Felix to Prague, Slováček he went to dinner with his daughter Anička. “Then they came home and brought me an absolutely wonderful dinner. Felix looked good, Anička too, so I was satisfied. “ confided Dad. The next day, however, the saxophonist stated that the doctors not only did not forbid him sex, but instead recommended him to him – and the more, the better. “It simply came to my notice then. He says about Lucia Gelemová that he has a relationship with her as a daughter. So maybe he has another girlfriend besides me. “ Dada muses.

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Patras dialed out: Felix made me a cow


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