Passports are confiscated from Belarusian security forces

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 Passports are confiscated from Belarusian security forces

In Belarus, it is mandatory for all law enforcement officers to change their identity cards. All police officers and KGB officers make biometric passports, in addition to which an ID card is issued.

An ID card is enough to identify a person within the country and to deal with any social issues. Its only difference from the passport – impossibility to travel abroad or obtain a visa.

Employees of law enforcement agencies who have received new biometric passports are required to hand them over to their superiors. And if you need to use your passport, you need to write a report both for departure and for obtaining a passport.

“All this is explained by concern for employees. Like, we don’t take you into slavery, we insure you, stupid ones, from stupid things: if you leave somewhere, and you will be captured, tortured, recruited, imprisoned. So be thankful again, — said a Belarusian police officer on condition of anonymity.

Over the past two years, several senior officers have left Belarus to join the democratic movement. Among them are Stanislav Luponosov, a former employee of GUBOPiKa, and Alexander Azarov, a representative of Baipol.

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