Passengers stuck at Nairobi airport due to Kenya Airways pilots strike

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 Passengers stuck at Nairobi airport due to strike by Kenya Airways pilots < /p>

Kenya Airways warned its striking pilots on Saturday that they could be fired if they don't return to work immediately as strikes have canceled dozens of flights and left thousands of passengers stranded , Reuters reported.

Pilots from one of Africa's largest air carriers went on strike from 6 am local time on Saturday, affecting business and leisure travelers at Nairobi's Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, one of the world's most important aviation hubs in Africa.

In an internal memo to the pilots, the airline stated that the strike was illegal and asked the pilots to return to work immediately.

“This strike resulted in serious inconvenience to our guests and subsequent loss. This action is interpreted as participation in an illegal strike. Pilots who do not show up for duty and do not obey the lawful orders of the leadership can be fined and fired, & quot;, & mdash; the memorandum says.

Earlier Saturday, the Kenya Airline Pilots Association (KALPA) said the carrier's management refused to listen to their suggestions on how to resolve their claims.

Jomo Kenyatta has been managed by a KALPA member since 6 am this morning, — the union said in a statement.

Kenya Airways apologized to passengers and said it would do its best to minimize inconvenience, which could include rebooking them to alternative flights.

Before the action, the company warned that the strike could jeopardize its recovery from the pandemic, resulting in losses of at least $2.5 million a day.

other sectors of the economy, tourism, will be severe,” the airline said in a statement.

Passengers at the airport told Reuters early on Saturday that the previous night had been chaotic as people tried to leave before the strike began. Hundreds of transit passengers were trapped at the airport, they said, as their connecting flights were unable to depart.

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