“Passengers lined up.” Details from a bombed plane from Goa

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 "Passengers lined up". Details from a bombed plane from Goa

Russian artist Oscar Kuchera was on board an AZUR air plane en route from Moscow to Goa, which made an emergency landing in the Indian state of Gujarat.

There was a report that a passenger plane was mined .

The coachman shared the details with subscribers on the social network.

The artist said that the flight was delayed by 17.5 hours, and an hour and a half before landing in Goa, the pilot announced an emergency landing, &laquo ;where he doesn't know himself.
Bort landed in Jamnagar. The passengers weren't given a reason.

“The tinny started when we started to get off the plane, and around people in helmets and with machine guns at the ready, — wrote the artist, — passengers were put into buses of 45 people and lined up hardly.

After that, all the passengers were searched. According to Kuchera, it was unpleasant.

“After everyone was gathered in the airport hall, after three inspections, they became wildly friendly, fed a bunch of food, water and other goodies in the form of nuts,” he told about his adventures representative of the Russian show business

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