Passenger set fire to El Al

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 Passenger set fire to El Al

A passenger from Israel set fire to the toilet cabin during an El Al flight to Bangkok.

The incident occurred on a flight that departed last night from Tel Aviv, Jerusalem Post reports. .

A passenger, who apparently wanted to smoke, threw his cigarette butt into a trash can in the toilet compartment, causing the paper to ignite. The bucket itself and the toilet were said to have caught fire.

“A passenger flying to Bangkok was seen smoking in the plane's toilet, and it was feared that a fire would break out in the cabin. The crew and captains responded immediately and with caution to the incident using special fire extinguishers,” El Al said in a statement.

Smoke detectors in the Boeing 777's cockpit went off, alerting the crew to smoke in the toilet. />
At the time of the incident, the plane was in mid-flight. The flight continued as planned until it landed in Bangkok.

“The flight continued as scheduled and landed safely at Bangkok Airport. The passenger has been warned and the matter has been referred to our legal department for further consideration,” the airline said.

After the fire was extinguished, an assessment of the situation was carried out and it was determined that the there is no plane. El Al decided not to involve the Thai police, but the company will sue the man.

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