Party Voice of the country – 10 Artem Semenov: farming is hard – the evening concert, and you both milked the goats and painted

Участник  Голоса країни - 10  Артем Семенов: Быть фермером тяжело –  вечером концерт, а ты одновременно доишь коз и красишься

The participant of “Voice of the country – 10” Artem Semenov: farming is hard – the evening concert, and you both milked the goats and painted
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Photo: “1+1”

One of the most prominent participants of the vocal show told the “KP” in Ukraine” about their earnings, farm Diva Ursula and love.

“I have the same nickname Diva! Many call me that. Even my musicians saying, “Oh, now Diva is coming to the Studio”, begins a conversation with us Artem.

You might remember this artist as a Diva Ursula. But now Artem Semenov – just Artem Semenov. Participant of the tenth season of the show “Golos Krainy” on “1+1”.

Although it is not so simple and straightforward. Read on.

“Tina hit me in the heart”

– Artem, I would say, not just party “Voice of the country”, and a singing farmer. You like it?

– Of course! Why I should not like? It’s true. I do farm, I have a mini-farm. And “Golos Krainy” I just came as the singing farmer.

You turned Potap with Nastya and Tina Karol. Why choose Tina?

– Why Tina? I don’t know. She got me in the heart. Her words really spoke to me. She said, “If you’re a strong person, you will challenge yourself and go to me.” I wanted to challenge and I chose her. I went to the “voice of the country” to do something new, to find something new about yourself, music, creativity.

– What have you learned from Tina?

– First of all, you learn from the whole team which works on “Golos country”. Air is a tremendous practice. Work on the stage, with a camera that’s all that really matters.

And Tina…. See, I have a little left in the farm business, partially disconnected from show business and of the creative activities fell. When Tina and I said something, told, thought, “God, how well I’m behind everything!”

When we were choosing songs, I was offered one, and she was advised to do differently. And it’s very interesting. For example, we sang Madonna. I used very few sang English songs, and I would never never have occurred to sing Madonna! And the fact that we have chosen for the next live that will come, – it will generally be the gap.

It’s really a challenge to myself. So what was is nothing compared to what will be. It’s a fail. On stage will be going on incredible. I myself am two days away from this performance.

– What was the stress for you?

– It was the application that my dear mother! I was not close. In such a life would be the repertoire itself did not take! But it’s cool! And that Tina sent me. I now write music, we record in the Studio the new album and do it in a completely different style.

Don’t know how my audience who went to my concerts, which used to see me, to hear, to react, but it’s cool.

Tina, when I was elected, promised that we will rebuild. And we really, hell, everything!

“I have nothing to fear in this life”

– You resume touring?

Yes. She and I have going. Thanks to “Voice of the country” we recently had two concerts. Though it was a small town, but sold out. However, due to the coronavirus that causes many of the concerts were cancelled, as do we all.

– Why do we need “the voice of the country”? Not afraid to turn into a constantly running talent show of the artist?

– I have nothing to fear in this life. What you’re talking about! I have so many things in life and that I do nothing to fear.

It interesting projects. In the project you can open and show themselves. Today is XXI century! Thought you “Golos country”, let’s not lie – and the number of followers on your Instagram increased. And tomorrow, you can already have the appartment to give. What’s wrong with that?

Today to shoot a music video to be aired, we need money. Look at how many talented people on “Golos country”! And if not for this project, where were they? In music school I was teaching or singing on the backing vocals? Yes, that’s fine too, but they dream about a solo career. In this project it turns out.

And then don’t need only your voice and song that will force coaches to expand their chairs. All! And then it does not matter – pass, not pass. It is important that today you were in the frame, got some experience and can work on. You already own can go live on the Network, to make new music for every product there is a buyer, believe me.

So I went on, and the President has Satirani not passed. But that doesn’t mean he is bad or something else. He has his own audience who loves him, protects. And it’s great!

– I noticed that your presentation on “Golos…” on Youtube no bad comments. On the contrary, admire, write that you are a great talent. This rarely happens, it often happens that the haters do not give a rest. It’s also a rare gift to the artist concerned.

– I honestly don’t read the comments. I and their statements do not watch on TV, look at the second day, and then one eye.

Look at yourself – it’s a thrill I don’t need it. I have so many stresses in life that do not need too much. Yes, and there’s no time. At night I literally fall into bed. Sometimes I need some documents to read, to deal with his Affairs, I can’t even do that. Not one to sit and read comments.

Yes, sometimes on their pages something view, when, for example, sitting in a cafe waiting for some appointment. But to calculate how many hits I have, so I don’t get sick.

But my statement to you though the corner of his eyes looked? Do you like it?

There are always some flaws. And that’s fine. To be a happy – at me such still never was. I always need something to modify, to alter. I’m one of those people who themselves spread. So no need Hayter to write, I myself will be judged (laughs).

– You have many fans. Why are you still not on the big stage?

What do you mean by the big stage? Performances and concerts I have. In the October Palace had solo concerts in the Odessa Opera house. Notices. I can’t concerts scribbling every month. It is unreal. Especially their concerts I’m doing cool – good lighting, sound, and choir. And this is not cheap. For example, in the Opera house, we used the same crane as Sarah Brightman (British singer, touring in Ukraine was in October 2019. – Ed.) when we flew. Few artists at the time did like.

And what a big stage? Well, except that to go to Mars and sing a song.

For example, the Palace “Ukraine” to collect?

– And the Palace “Ukraine” to gather so it is necessary to prepare very well. But this does not mean that this is a big stage. Collect the Palace “Ukraine” or to the people’s artist – it does not mean anything. I think it is already past.

When you have your listener – it’s great. Anyway you all will not be perfect, you’re not a dollar, and everyone, no going.

– Life in Las Vegas – it was a good life, or not so nice as it sounds?

– Well, that means “good life”? Working life. In the morning, sleep, night work. And nothing has changed. Every day we had to do the same with my program. Sometimes those songs were just sick. But what to do! I bought your project and twist it making money. Because you have to earn, and the Agency that you invited and arranged. It was hard work.

Every day is the same – it’s hard. But, on the other hand, it is also the practice and a great experience. Well, the best earnings, because in the us. (Laughs.)

– Make good money?

– It is normal. It would be nice with a million home to come. And so – a few thousand. (Laughs.)

Quickly spent?

– Of course. Invested in farming mainly.

Участник  Голоса країни - 10  Артем Семенов: Быть фермером тяжело –  вечером концерт, а ты одновременно доишь коз и красишься

The singing farmer Artem Semenov advises everyone to take everything from life and do what you want. Photo: “1+1”

“Work on the farm from 6 am to 9 PM”

– As an artist, performing in Las Vegas, began to grow chickens and goats? It’s great, really, but it’s radically different things!

And it’s wonderful when a person develops in different directions. I since the childhood like about versatility. When a person, for example, not only music is involved, but also archery shooting, and riding rides.

Yes, it was insanely hard. You have the evening concert, and you both milked the goats, fed chickens and begin to dress, putting on makeup.

Farming is very hard work. But it’s interesting. Plus, look: here today, attacked us coronavirus, no concerts, and I do the housework, work. We are selling all the meat is just sweep. We have eggs, quail…

– Work from morning till night?

Pasha every day. That doesn’t mean if I have no gigs, then I rest. As ordinary people, I have a working day from 6 am to 9 PM. If shooting or concert, schedule, of course, strays. But I still need to get up at 6 in the morning. Yes, in most cases, get up at 6: 30, 6 only the alarm rings. But at exactly 7 milked goats (laughs).

– You do the rest?

– Here come the coronavirus, people depression, all in a panic, and I take their goats, into the woods and rest. And my soul is calm. And I think, what this world is still strange. Panic, and you come to the woods – beautiful nature, goats who don’t know about the coronavirus, and such tranquility. Sit in the woods and write poetry on a new song. And the world is immediately perceived differently.

I, by the way, I live out of town and when I come to Kiev, listen to some people and not to understand them. They all talking about?! What about other things to care… Like those chickens around!

– Farming – your outlet?

– I’m one of those people who want to raise the village. I working with their hands, not just hand out instructions. Recently bought a farm in the village of Mircea near Kiev. Now little by little are building. Looking for workers to help, but young very difficult to find. Old people have no strength to work on the farm, and young or drink, or left.

Is this normal? For Ukraine to ruin the country is to ruin Ukraine. What would happen if the village ruin? From China artificial eggs to order?

So we plan to take a loan for the construction of the farm, see how simple farmers give preferential loans. And all the money from the concerts is invested in the farming.

Live very modestly, I don’t really need. Don’t chase brands. The status of a person – inside him.

– Goats, chickens – who else have you got?

– Was the duck, but I already cut. Goats. Quail. There are laying hens, which eggs are chickens and beef. Now. But, believe me, and that’s enough. I do not seek to kill large farm holdings.

– The ducks themselves slaughtered?

Himself. The first time was very hard. But that’s life.

When we started, half of the work done myself. And learned a lot: and build, and the cells do the drawing. Although early for me riveted – it was fantastic. Had to cut, because there are days of slaughtering.

– How to feed the chickens – is, for example, is not difficult. Who, for example, you were taught how to milk a goat?

– All by myself. When I bought the goat, I had no idea what she eats. Bought two bales of hay, it seemed to me, that’s enough. And it is time-again – and no more. So began the farm to learn. I went to a different conference, I went to the Institute of veterinary courses and at meetings of farmers. Now, for example, he can get a shot to set up a drip, I know how to handle the sheds, eggs, everything to be sterile and professional. I have everything as it should be.

You also cheese do?

Yes. Frankly, the first cheeses were very bad. Then better. Then had to go through master classes both in Ukraine and in Italy. Visit a lot of farms I see how they work. Still not just – wanted to own and became a farmer. I study a lot.

“Everything is in the head”

– You said that a lot of money you have to invest in the development of the farm. Enough to live on?

– Enough. What do I need? (Laughs). Food its natural. Of course, there is never enough money. But to sit and cry, something was missing – not an option. You know how much you should spend on the farm light? 50 thousand. I have in my backpack a million folders of documents, because after meeting you I’m going to solve the issues of light, around the room to make drawings, passport.

– You have such a busy life. How do you manage everything?

– I have everything in my head. I even sleep normally can not, my head is constantly working. Sometimes you want to take a hammer and crack yourself to switch off (laughs). I also need to make decisions that count.

– You now 34 – are you all happy?

To be happy, then, over your life (smiles). All the time you need to something to strive for. The man then dies when he runs out of aspirations. If you are completely satisfied with life – then what to do?

But if in General, then pleased, of course. I do thank God every day for what’s happening to me in life. Regardless of good or bad. So it should be.

If all were happy, for example, would not go to “the voice of the country”. And so I think that something had to change in the work, go – and everything changes for the better.

– When you go on tour, who’s on the farm instead of you?

– Mom, brother help. Control. They are hard, they are not always happy. But there is no escape, you need to make, to build.

By the way, I still have choir Galart, we continue the rehearsal. And the students there. Call and ask what need someone to do vocals. How can I refuse? And you will not notice that you have 6, 7 students, and should work.

“Don’t ban”

What happened to Diva Ursula? It was a game? Or you really liked to be in the female form?

It hasn’t disappeared. Ursula appears at concerts. Will appear and will give heat! (Laughs.)

Just you one time had been Ursula, and then Semyonov and then again Ursula. Now again Semenov. I don’t know what you have to wait.

– So it’s good. Tina said: this man is such that we will never understand who he is. Me so God filled. I own in this life nothing is forbidden. Can be changed at least 155 times transform into different images. If your life is giving something, this must be used.

But in February of 2016 you have positioned yourself as a woman, wore exclusively dresses, said Artem Semenov won’t be back. What has changed?

Next time I will come to you as Ursula, she will ask this question. Okay? (Laughs.)

It’s two different characters. I will wait for the invitation.

At the time you told us that they even wanted to turn to plastic surgeons, but decided not to. Thought about what it would be now, if then this happened?

Yet decided to trust the beauticians. Yes, doing beauty shots, but quite a while. More afraid when I look at some. Think: “O Lord, I will not. I still look good.” (Laughs.) Leave for later, when I grow old.

As for plastics, I will not renounce, never say no. And more likely than not. But not to very own face to change. Just with age, I want to look good. Now, of course, all with a face more or less. (Laughs.) And then we’ll see. Although strashnovato. It’s probably very painful.

– A injections do not hurt?

It hurts. I one time even got dizzy. But again, I don’t do them every day, every month. Very rare. Just the singer is a problematic part of the face, especially in Opera, and it is very visible. In the classics the same special manner of singing, and I sing in the classics, and when you take a high note, look at yourself and think: what a mug (laughs).

Wrinkled like a squeezed lemon. So my girl is a cosmetologist takes care of me.

– How parents perceived all of your reincarnations? Many, especially the older generation, do not understand?

– Jesus, a question I probably will never understand in life, because I have very good parents. They do not climb in my life. Do whatever you want. Once I was asked: “how did your parents react to the fact that you took up farming?” And they even knew about it? They recently found out, when he came to visit me. Mom wasn’t me 8 months, and then came – I have both. I don’t call, like, you know, tomorrow I’ll buy the chickens. I devote less in your business, this is my life. And they respect that. All is well, and thank God.

What you need to help, mommy will help. A climb – why? This then produces scandals. Parents still should be able to let go of their children. After all, the life you’re given, and not mom and dad. They say: we must learn from the mistakes of others. Yes it is unreal! Just on its own. Until you own something does not, do not understand.

To age not to be some jerk, you have now some experience to. And to do this, and fall, and stumble, and be able to climb. And nothing to fear. I don’t have any fears. You need to try everything to obtain pleasure from life. If you’re not bothering anyone, do whatever you want. Try, risk, carry out experiments, go on a TV show! And if you sit and eat your boogers, nothing.

– When did you realize that it is not necessary to chew snivels?

Time ago, probably, you know, what my way! Sometimes I say, “you know, it is risky to do at a concert like this room”. I don’t care – I want to do. He can be very open, on the verge of I want to. And why should I restrain myself and forge?!

“Most agree boredom”

– You recently said the following sentence: “My private life is no life”. Maybe you are just don’t want to arrange it?

Maybe. No luck with personal life. Maybe not satisfied, maybe no time for her. I don’t think about it. What is personal life? She’ll meet, how weird that you don’t disown! A walk, something to look for… What should I do?

– You yourself are not looking for anyone?

– I looking for (laughs). Anyone not specifically looking for. I think when a person is busy and full, it is not boring. If you build a personal life, it must be true love. I think most, seen me, and I think all of you agree from boredom. I have many friends then converge, then diverge again converge, then diverge. They have it as a game of some sort. And when you start to watch them, you realize: they’re bored. They just need to roll each other’s nerves.

And that means you need to find someone? Can be a dog to find. The hedgehog can be found. Must be love, one must love! And where is this love? Today it is very rare to find love.

And what is love? Is freedom. And in most cases does freedom exist? View: and my mother said, and my dad advised me, and where have you been… Is freedom? Yes, there is a showdown and need. But let’s the truth: people today do not understand what they agreed. Yes, maybe there was passion, sex and that was fine. But for sex, excuse me, don’t fit in with anybody. And if we talk about love and personal life is completely different.

And, by the way, today you need to be wealthy love. No need to deny it. Most looking as if to settle down comfortably. So if you have somewhere in your person, you and he will find it. As long as you need just to live, to be itself is not boring and interesting. Real love you are not going anywhere.

You had true love?

– No. Probably. Difficult to say now. For this you need to drink 50 grams and heart to heart to talk with you. But you didn’t pour, so talking about it won’t (smiles).


– Does Artem Semenov to the gym?

Yeah, tomorrow I have a gym – I have garlic to plant. What gym? I think even if my legs are not twisted. I have near the house a large vegetable garden, plus I rent a hectare of land. You need to plant alfalfa, pumpkin and beet for livestock. Is it a gym that I can not tell you.

I the early days after the garden is almost crawling. What do you think, after that I still want in the gym? I sometimes find it funny to hear: “Oh, so it is necessary to the gym, gained a little weight.” He wants to answer: “Daughter, come to me, I will give you Sapa, pospeshi, three days later will rise.”

So don’t be afraid of the coronavirus, come to me – I have a lot of work. And don’t be upset: if you stop work in the city, in the village the work is always there.


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