Party Poroshenko has announced a Congress in Kyiv

Партия Порошенко анонсировала съезд в Киеве

The Congress will be held at Mystetskyi Arsenal in Kiev.

The party Congress of the Petro Poroshenko European solidarity in preparation for the elections to the Verkhovna Rada will be held on may 31.

About it reports a press-political force service, reports the online edition of the with reference for a New time.

Congress will begin work at 13:00 at Mystetskyi Arsenal in Kiev.

Earlier the people’s Deputy Alexey Goncharenko reported that the pre-election Congress of European solidarity scheduled for June 6.

He also predicted the entry of MPs from the popular front party of Petro Poroshenko European solidarity.

Saakashvili spoke about a chance meeting with Poroshenko after the deportation

24 may the founding Congress of the BPP Solidarity decided on the name change — from now on, the force is called European solidarity.

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