Partner Eti Kraif gives comments to the media for the first time

 Affiliate Eti Kraif gives media comments for the first time

Retired Judge Eti Kraif Appears at Surprise Wedding Premiere with his partner, Thel Goldman, who first commented on their relationship.

Talking about the hype that has not subsided around their family lately, Tal said: “I'm fine, we're fine. Eti deserves all the best in the world after what she's been through the last three years. And then the question was asked, was he with Eti in the midst of a scandalous romance? Tal answered briefly: “I'm here” – apparently, it meant that he had not disappeared anywhere then, and even more so now.

Who else came to the premiere of the film? You will not believe. Efi's ex-wife Navo Hani was also there. It was she who gave her husband's phone number to Adas Steif. Hani declined to comment, saying only one thing: “If necessary, I will let you know. In the meantime, I'm here with friends and enjoying it”.

It is known that Eti was paid a lot of money for coming to the premiere of the film.

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