Participant of the popular TV show brought to light a pregnant wife: the Bachelor not a bachelor anymore

Участник популярного ТВ-шоу вывел в свет беременную супругу: Холостяк больше не холостяк

In the network appeared the new infopovod regarding the “star” of parenthood: a popular member of the acclaimed show is preparing to become a father

As it became known, party of the seventh season of the popular Ukrainian show “the Bachelor”, the athlete Dmitry Cherkasov first came to light with his pregnant wife Alexandra.

At the ball of the magazine Viva! the pair became the object of everyone’s attention to their persons.

Katya Osadchaya has published in his Instagram a picture in which she is depicted next to a married couple.

Участник популярного ТВ-шоу вывел в свет беременную супругу: Холостяк больше не холостяк

“The bachelor not a bachelor anymore and Dmitry Cherkasov married and preparing to become a father! How do you turn?PS easy delivery!”, signed photograph of TV presenter.

On touching the picture, the young wife of ex – bachelor was dressed in a long silver dress “on the floor”, the cut which clearly demonstrated the “interesting” girls.

Dmitry himself was dressed in a stylish jacket and dark blue pants.

With regard to the sex of the baby, there is information that it would be a boy. Rumor has it that the couple even chose a name for it mark.

It should be noted that Cherkasov is not the first time preparing to become a father. From a previous relationship he had a son Timothy.

Previously, we reported that ex-contestant of the show, “she zvazheni schaslivi-7” was published in his Instagram a few photos, which show her “interesting position”. Alina Boots on his page On Instagram posted a touching photo.

Участник популярного ТВ-шоу вывел в свет беременную супругу: Холостяк больше не холостяк

They ex-member of the popular show have demonstrated their pregnancy. As fans of Alina’s love to cover her with questions regarding her care, the girl was generous and gave exhaustive answers to the main questions about beauty and style.

By the way, looking at photos, involuntarily imbued with tenderness and openness of the girls. And of course her natural beauty.

“The stomach I have a real one, not the invoice. What I have not know and makes no difference to us, just waiting for our baby! Time I good, but I still walk and walk like a face so everyone will know. Found out about the pregnancy in the first month. The toxicity was tolerable but the first three months without Airan(fermented milk drink) could not get out of bed without throwing up. Eat according to your menu, do not gain weight the last 4 months, I hope it will continue”, — shares his girlish secrets with followers Alina.

We will remind, at Sedokova had a nervous breakdown during the interview.

As reported Politeka, scandalous zapadenka suddenly remembered about the family and have arrived home.

Also Politeka wrote that selfie Prigogine, Galustyan and Valerie became a laughing stock.

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