Part of the Jordan River to be cleaned and made suitable for swimming

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 Part of the Jordan River to be cleaned and made suitable for swimming

The Israeli government has approved an ambitious plan to clean up a large section of the Jordan River, restore its rich nature and develop tourism on the banks.

The Times of Israel reports.

The section of the river to be restored is entirely within Israel. It runs from Lake Kinneret to the place where the river flows into the Bezek stream, about 37 kilometers to the south.

The site intended for modernization has suffered not only from a sharp decrease in fresh water supplies in the Kinneret.About 1, 2 billion cubic meters of water flowed south from the lake until Israel built a dam at its southern end in the 1960s. In addition, sewage from a nearby sewage treatment plant flows into the riverbed. Salt water also enters the river, which is pumped out from sources under the Kinneret.

The restoration plan assumes that the flow of sewage and salt water into the river will be stopped. At the same time, more fresh water from the Kinneret will be released into the river. This will allow people to swim safely and help restore ecosystems in the river.

Also, according to the plan, fresh, salt and treated water will be reused by farmers and redistributed. So, for example, in the area near the Kinneret, crops require fresh water, and further south, to the Dead Sea, they can grow in salt water (for example, dates).

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