“Part of me died.” Britney Spears spoke out about the conflict with her sons

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Singer Britney Spears was outraged by the recent statements of her sons.

Her youngest son Jaden Federline said in an interview that he was waiting for his mother "mentally recover". Probably, these words turned out to be offensive for Britney Spears and she decided to share her vision of the situation, reports Billboard.

The singer said that she used to spend a lot of time with her sons, but her ex-husband prevented this.
"When they were six to nine years old, I had them 70 percent of the time, and of course, ever since they left, I felt like a huge part of me had died. I literally have no purpose anymore – they were my joy, they were everything to me. They were what I lived for. And then suddenly they disappeared, and my heart seemed to stop beating,” Britney Spears said. ;.

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