Parents were hysterical after their 8-year-old daughter thanked them for sex

You read it right, but misunderstood.

Батьки були в істериці після того, як їх 8-річна дочка подякувала їм за секс

34-year-old Sophie Boyns came in the evening to the room of 8-year-old daughter Libby to wish her Goodnight, when suddenly noticed a strange message left by a girl on her Board, reports Rus.Media. Like the woman said, she immediately started a quiet hysteria and she soon ran after her 35-year-old husband, mark, to laugh together.

Sophie said that in the future, Libby wants to become a teacher, so I asked my parents as a gift to marcero Board.

“Libby often leaves on the Board such messages as: ‘I love you, mom’, ‘good Night, dad’, ‘Oscar stinks’, but we could not expect a child of her age would write something like this,” said Sophie.

Sophie also has a second child named Oscar, who was 10 years old.

“When I went into her room, I just rolled with laughter.”

Батьки були в істериці після того, як їх 8-річна дочка подякувала їм за секс

“Love you, mom. Thank you for the sex I have had and Oscar was able to come to life”.

“I immediately sent a photo of our family group Whatsapp. We all still talk about it and laugh. Oscar also found it amusing because it had the word “sex,” continued Sophie.

Sophie Boyns and her 8-year-old daughter Libby

Батьки були в істериці після того, як їх 8-річна дочка подякувала їм за секс

“We’d been making fun of her for this reason, we always joke with the kids about the funny things they do, and take pictures of them to share when they turn 18,” said the woman.

Many people were concerned about why in this age the girl knows so much about sex, but Sophie hurried to calm everyone down:

“We have always encouraged children to ask questions that we always give adult answers. When Libby began to ask about the birds and the bees’ (the story with which children explain sexual relations), then we gave her an honest answer.”

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“Her brother wasn’t in school sex education, so he returned home with questions. From there, she first learned about it. Libby is very inquisitive and is not afraid to discuss their thoughts.”

Once Libby even asked my grandparents when they started to have sex, but she quickly explained that some of the questions not all and not everywhere.

Curiosity is good, especially if it’s funny.

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