Parents, stop to help their children!

I often offended by parents in situations when they clearly saw that I needed help, but no hurry for me to offer.

Батьки, припиніть допомагати своїм дітям!

And helped in those cases and only when I asked. I did this very rarely. So I took my problem as a challenge and wanted to solve it adequately. Here is education, reports Rus.Media.

But looking at other families and how badly parents try to solve all the problems of their children, I felt anger towards his parents, accusing them of indifference.

My opinion radically changed when I was faced with a situation where an adult, which is already 30 years parents help stretch the last effort to help with food and money, but the child takes everything and applies it for granted. This confused me!

Parents, you do your “help” do not allow to happen to their children! Stop help a butterfly escape from the cocoon, because it will never take off. So your children never reach in life, heights only because you solve their problem before they switched brains.

They gain strength and experience, do not learn self-control and endurance because you are doing everything for them!

They will remain important only in your eyes and in the eyes of the world will be a nobody, because they do not have the necessary personal qualities to be able to adapt to real life!

Teach your children independence, give advice, but don’t do everything for them. Let them pass their mistakes and get their lessons! Only then will they be happy people that you will be proud of.

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If you love your children, stop to help them, and give to take your life! And believe me, only then they will truly thank you!

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