Parents are scared: Two workers of the kindergarten Kokhav Yam supported the massacre in Neve Yaakov

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 Parents are frightened: Two employees of the Kokhav Yam kindergarten supported the massacre in Neva- Yaakov

At the Kokhav Yam Kindergarten, part of the Herzliya Children's Institutions, two assistant teachers shared words of joy over the massacre that took place on Saturday evening in Jerusalem, and words of praise for the terrorist who committed it.

Kindergarten workers posted videos of the attack site and celebrations in the streets of Arab cities after it on social networks, and added PLO flags and a finger emoji of the victory sign to the clips (V sign).

Frightened parents stumbled upon words of praise for the horrific massacre and appealed to the kindergarten administration to take action against the helpers. Kindergarten administrators informed the parents that the helpers would be stopped immediately and that they were called in for an investigation.

The mother of a child in the kindergarten wrote to her friends on the internal Facebook group: “Hi moms, after yesterday's terrorist incident in Jerusalem, two assistants from my son's kindergarten posted a post in support of the attack. Kindergarten administrators have informed us that the assistants have been invited to a hearing and will no longer enter the kindergarten.

According to her, “This is a kindergarten complex with many children and an unarmed guard at the entrance. Does anyone know if it is possible to demand increased armed security at the entrance? At least for the near future.

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