Parental rape victim sues government for NIS 4 million

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 Parental rape victim sues state for NIS 4 million< /p>

A woman whose parents are accused of raping her for 13 years and causing two pregnancies is suing the state for years of inaction.

In the lawsuit, the woman seeks 4 million shekels ($1.15 million) in damages, noting that the abuse had continued long after she first filed her complaint.

noted that the consideration of the case in court took an abnormally long time: more than three and a half years elapsed between the moment the prosecutor's office received the case and the filing of charges.

According to the prosecution, the woman's father raped and sexually harassed her from the moment when she turned 17 at 200 3 years old, until 2016, and her mother also participated in violence after her daughter turned 18.

As a result of rape, her daughter became pregnant twice. She carried her first pregnancy to term, but the child died at the age nine months as a result of a rare genetic defect. The woman ended her second pregnancy.

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