“Parasites, haters of the state”: a fight with drunken haredim on the way from Morocco

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Several young people from the ultra-Orthodox sector got into a fight this night, February 23, on an Israir flight departing from Marrakech after a confrontation arose between them and other passengers. As soon as the plane landed at the airport, police officers boarded and arrested the rioters.

Among the large group of ultra-Orthodox who boarded the flight while some of them were intoxicated, according to the testimonies of the plane's passengers. At some point, they took off their shoes and disturbed the rest of the other passengers – they began to call them “parasites”, “haters of the state”; and other insults.

The testimony of one of the passengers was published in Daniel Amram's Telegram group: “We flew from Morocco, from Marrakech to Israel with the Israir company, 65 guys, and some drank alcohol and got a little drunk. There were two leftist women who started yelling at us.”

He continued, “There was a commotion, the guys flared up, everyone flared up at the two girls, and it escalated into a big incident where everyone yelled, everyone yelled at another. After that, one of the leftist women, who was with us, felt unwell, she was helped on the spot. There was another person who got hit in the chest and couldn't breathe, so they gave him oxygen. I, as a MADA volunteer, also took care of him. That's all. An ambulance and policemen were waiting for us on the spot, they arrested the leader of the group and two other guys who got drunk. At the moment, one has already been released, and two are still in custody.

Israir commented: “Israir condemns any violence against passengers and crew.”

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