Paracetamol affects the intelligence of children and women’s health

Парацетамол негативно влияет на интеллект детей и женское здоровье

A well-known drug, which is in the first aid kit each, bad for children’s intelligence

This is evidenced by studies of several universities in the U.S., reports Clutch.

According to information received, the intake of paracetamol by pregnant women may significantly affect the intellectual development of the unborn child.

“Paracetamol expectant mothers can reduce the intelligence of their children, and increase the risk of developing autism and attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder,” say the experts.

Парацетамол негативно влияет на интеллект детей и женское здоровье

According to the results of their study, the adoption of paracetamol during pregnancy increases the risk of attention deficit disorder in a child is 30%, autism — 20%.

To come to such conclusions, scientists had to analyze data 150 of thousands of mothers and babies. In the end it turned out that paracetamol affects the hormonal balance in the female uterus.

Парацетамол негативно влияет на интеллект детей и женское здоровье

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By the way, this is not the first research of experts in the field. Previously it was found that the use of this medicine during pregnancy has a major impact on the language development of a baby: often, it went slower than it should be.

At the same time, another drug from the chest of each was useful. So, research scientists from Harvard University (USA) show that the regular use of aspirin may reduce the risk of developing primary liver cancer — hepatocellular carcinoma — from 49% to 59%.

Парацетамол негативно влияет на интеллект детей и женское здоровье

The use of aspirin is already recommended for the prevention of cardiovascular disease and colorectal cancer in certain groups of adult patients. Now scientists have added to the list of liver cancer.

At the same time there are conflicting opinions about aspirin, scientists have found that daily taking it almost doubles the risk in men of dangerous diseases.

The researchers used data from nearly 200 thousand people aged 18 to 89 years, and determined that men who have never been registered in melanoma, were found to have the disease.

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