PAPIC 5, 6 series: watch online new funny series with Bokenam

ПАПІК 5, 6 серія: дивитись онлайн новий смішний серіал із Бокланом

The series “Daddy” with actor Stanislav Bokenam starring conquered the Ukrainian audience. 5 and 6 Comedy series from the Studio “Quarter-95” was released on the channel 1+1 on Wednesday, 4 December. Watch online fresh episodes!

The plot revolves around a lyrical Comedyth “sugar Daddy” – the story of the main character Alexander Mikhailovich (Stanislav Boklan), who in his youth was one of the best actors of the country, but in his old age was left with nothing. After long wanderings the man decided to commit suicide, but an unexpected meeting changed his plans.

So, evaluating your form, the hero has realized that he wants to look in the coffin well. The pensioner went for the “last” in your life an expensive suit and even made a stylish hairstyle in a fashionable barbershop.

ПАПІК 5, 6 серія: дивитись онлайн новий смішний серіал із Бокланом

After amazing transformation Alexander M. wanted to hang out for a “last” party, where she hooked up with a seductive huntress on “wealthy man” Lisa (Daria of Petrouchka). Beauty took grandpa for a successful millionaire, but her “jackpot” was a regular pensioner. About hanky-panky Lisa learned her husband, so the couple parted. Now the woman is trying to rebuild their lives and unexpectedly left with Alexander.

ПАПІК 5, 6 серія: дивитись онлайн новий смішний серіал із Бокланом

Daria of Petrouchka as Lisa

5 is a series of Comedy DADDY

Lisa is unhappy that he is not ready for her to just give money. That, in turn, causes her to arrange General cleaning in the house and stick to the regime. Alexander goes to sell books at a flea market, but suddenly meets an old friend. Girlfriend Liza complaining about their men and are jealous of her daddy. Grandfather puts the girl behind the door.

Watch online the series PAPIC 5 series 04-12-2019

6 series Comedy DADDY

Lisa’s grandfather I bet that she will read the book, and he would master the computer. Thanks to this girl he met at the funeral with a new boyfriend. While Lisa goes on a date, Alexander is trying hard to master the Internet and social networks.

Watch online Comedy DADDY 5 series 04-12-2019

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