Papic 1, episode 2: watch online new series from 95 Quarter

Папік 1, 2 серія: дивитись онлайн новий серіал від Кварталу 95

The series premiere of Daddy

New Comedy series “sugar Daddy” with Stanislav Bokenam in the title role was launched on 1+1 channel. Premiere 1 and 2 tape series from the Studio “Quarter-95” was released on 2 December. Watch online latest episode!

The plot revolves around the lyrical Comedy “Papa”, the main character, Alexander Mikhailovich (Stanislav Boklan), who in his youth was one of the best actors of the country, was plunged into depression. After long wanderings, he decided to commit suicide.

And, considering his form, I realized that an old abandoned grandfather in the coffin will not fall. Hero goes for the “latest” in your life expensive suit and make a stylish hairstyle in a cool barbershop. There old not only undergo major transformation, but also tilts the glass, after which lone pensioner draws on the “last” party.

Папік 1, 2 серія: дивитись онлайн новий серіал від Кварталу 95

Stanislav Boklan is the main actor of the series

Looking up at one of the Nightclubs, he meets a seductive huntress on “wealthy man” by Lisa (Daria of Petrouchka). “Predator” thinks he got the jackpot, and her new object of sympathy is a successful millionaire. And soon the young beauty learns that her “Papa” was an ordinary pensioner. And then the fun begins!

Watch online the series PAPA 1 series 02-12-2019:

Friend know that her husband kicked Lisa out of the house. And, in turn, comes up with a story that he found a rich “daddy. Alexander Nikolaevich is placed in a veterans Home in honor of the birthday of a friend. Lisa from despair moves to “daddy” and tries to make amends. The girl offers Alexander a cunning plan, and asks for help to return to her former husband.

Watch online the series the POPS 2 series 02-12-2019:

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