Panin brought 11-year-old daughter to hysteria: Underfed and cried a lot

Панин довел 11-летнюю дочь до истерики: Недоедала и много плакала

Soon the notorious 41-year-old actor Alexei Panin intends to present to the public his first film, the shooting of which has already come to an end

On this occasion, the famous actor has arranged a press conference where he told how he had to change while working on a painting. As you know, many people do not take the man seriously because of a number of controversial cases with which the celebrity has been associated.

Панин довел 11-летнюю дочь до истерики: Недоедала и много плакала

In particular, among these scandals was such as provocative statements, candid photos, walking naked in the street, public output in the same underwear lingerie. And only after Panin tried himself in the role of Director, public opinion began to change – then in the eyes of many, he appeared a serious head how to configure the workflow.

Панин довел 11-летнюю дочь до истерики: Недоедала и много плакала

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The incident

Early last month a man come to grips with the fulfillment of a longtime dream — went to Saratov, where he began to make a film called “I’m back”. In the picture, besides Nikita Dzhigurda, Stas Kostushkin with his wife, Vladimir Epifantsev, starred daughter Anna Panina. According to the actor, he didn’t expect that the shooting would be so difficult.

“I thought I know everything about the movie, I felt like a master. It turned out that I know nothing. It’s incredibly frustrating, difficult emotionally and physically. Had to control almost everything. I never drank, smoked, got better, started even foolish exercise. If not for the artists that I brought to life as the child calmed, I could “fell”, I did not understand”, – confessed the man.

But his daughter, according to celebrity, masters of all “the charm and complexity of” acting work.

Панин довел 11-летнюю дочь до истерики: Недоедала и много плакала

Alex said that the girl little rest, often crying and even malnourished.

“Shooting is not fun, it’s work. She even cried a few times because he fell. She had to be malnourished, and was eating some soup on the pavement. Don’t want to overpraise, but I think that happened. Don’t want to reveal all the secrets. We could argue, but still we love each other”, — said Panin.

Note that the fans will have to wait for the premiere of his first work, which he himself orchestrated, not so much time. An important fact is that the famous and controversial actors participated in the filming completely free, and Panin, in turn, admitted that all his colleagues in the picture was not such shocking, what they consider the public.

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As he wrote Politeka, Panin told about the terrible of Russia, sight, even Putin.

Also Politeka reported the scandalous Russian actor came true for shameful behavior.

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