Panic has swept Russia: “This is a chemical attack, hide everything from us”

Паника захлестнула Россию: «Это химическая атака, от нас все скрывают»

The Russians made a video address to President Vladimir Putin

Residents of Sibay Bashkir asked the head of the Kremlin to assist in resolving environmental disasters in the city.

In particular, the Russian authorities asked to intervene and to suspend the construction of a cement plant in the city and to suspend the activities of the plant of drilling reagents, which emits harmful substances.

So, the wife of the local miners said that the miners had to work in the mine with large disturbances. She noted that her husband went to the mine on a car with no brakes and glass In the words of one resident, the city lost mosquitoes and birds: “we are all hiding! I have a rotten ear.” From the words of residents of Sibay, the apartment includes emissions through the open window.

Паника захлестнула Россию: «Это химическая атака, от нас все скрывают»

“It’s just a chemical attack! We are suffocating from a huge emission of plant chemicals. It’s a double attack on the people! The plant makes such emissions that the black clouds over the city, breathing impossible!” she said.

Earlier it was reported that in the Chelyabinsk region of Russia settlements tightened by a veil of smog. Local residents complain that the reason for this was dangerous emissions of sulfur dioxide and hydrogen sulfide in the extraction of minerals, but local authorities prefer to look away from eye problems.

“The naked eye can see, like a thick bluish smog covers everything within a radius of 20-30 kilometers from the slit, the smell of the burning coal is just unbearable. Impossible to breathe, adults and children cough, many allergies, asthma. Local authorities and the TV channels say that it’s just adverse weather conditions, the people suffer”, — reported in the network.

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Паника захлестнула Россию: «Это химическая атака, от нас все скрывают»

We will remind, Crimeans complaining about the new releases: “smell no longer hear, throat tickle”.

As reported Politeka, panic because of the strange emission started in Donetsk: “ulcers on the skin”.

Also Politeka wrote, Russia is going to arrange a chemical attack on the Donbass: “there will be many civilian casualties, preparation has already begun.”

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