Pandora Papers: which of the world leaders are hiding offshore income

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Pandora Papers : which of the world leaders are hiding offshore incomes

More than 600 journalists from 117 countries of the world have joined the investigation .

A number of world media outlets published an investigation on October 3, based on a large-scale leak of confidential documents known as the Pandora Papers. In total, more than 600 journalists from 117 countries of the world took part in the project, reports with reference to Channel 24.

The investigation is about President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky and other Ukrainian politicians. But – not only about them: three hundred ministers, judges, mayors, representatives of big business and so on became the defendants.

The most notable persons involved in the investigation are & nbsp; Pandora Papers

В within one day & nbsp; materials on this topic came out in:

  • The Guardian in the UK (& # 171; Pandora Papers: Largest offshore data leak in history reveals financial secrets of the mighty & # 187;).
  • The Washington Post in the United States of America (& # 171; Pandora Papers . Billions hidden by the rich & # 187;).
  • Deutsche Welle in Germany (& # 171; Pandora Papers: Secret Tax Havens of World Leaders and Celebrities Revealed & # 187;).
  • BBC (& # 171; Pandora Papers: Exposing the Hidden Wealth and Secret Deeds of World Leaders & # 187;).
  • & # 171; Slidstvo.Info & # 187; in Ukraine (& # 171; Pandora Papers: Ukrainian politicians and businessmen in a new offshore leak & # 187;).

And in many others. & nbsp; Let's talk about a few of the most notable & nbsp; world leaders mentioned in the investigations.

Jordan, King Abdullah II

King Abdullah II of Jordan purchased 3 mansions on the seashore in the United States – in the elite area of ​​Malibu in California. & Nbsp; The monarch spent $ 68 million on this property – and through offshore companies.

Note that this happened during the Arab spring in the 2010s, when there were certain unrest in Jordan. & nbsp; In general, over two decades in power, the king acquired & nbsp; 15 houses and apartments in the US and Great Britain.

Azerbaijan, the family of President Ilham Aliyev

Over the past few years, the family of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev has been actively selling real estate. & Nbsp; In particular, in the UK, worth 400 million pounds (540 million dollars). & Nbsp; Interestingly, one of the Aliyevs' objects was bought by the British Crown – for 67 million pounds .

However, the Azerbaijani authorities also bought real estate. We are talking about & nbsp; 17 objects in Great Britain, & nbsp; one of which is an office for 33 million pounds for Heydar Aliyev (at the time of purchase he was 11 years old, now he is 24).

Czech Republic, Prime Minister Andrei Babis

Czech Prime Minister Andriy Babis resorted to the services of an offshore investment company in 2009.

With its help, Babis acquired not just a trifle, & nbsp; but a whole castle & nbsp; – on South of France. & nbsp; Its value is $ 22 million.

Cyprus, President Nikos Anastasiades

Cyprus President Nikos Anastasiades founded a law firm, which was accused of hiding the assets of the Russian billionaire.


However, the firm says that nothing illegal has been done, and Anastasiadis claims that & nbsp; did not participate & nbsp; in her affairs since becoming the leader of the opposition in 1997.

Russia, President Vladimir Putin

Immediately note that the name of Vladimir Putin does not directly appear in Pandora Papers.

But there are & nbsp; numerous close associates of the head of the Kremlin & nbsp; – for example, childhood friend Pyotr Kolbin (now deceased), and a woman who is called Putin's longtime lover and the mother of his illegitimate child.

Great Britain, former Prime Minister Tony Blair

The head of the British government in 1997-2007, Tony Blair and his wife became the owners of the building for $ 8.8 million thanks to an offshore company.

Actually, the Blair itself acquired this company from the family of the Minister of Industry and Tourism of Bahrain Zayed bin Rashid al-Zayani. & nbsp; Why? & nbsp; In order not to pay taxes & nbsp; for the acquisition of real estate – and we are talking about 400 thousand dollars.

Morocco, Princess Lalla Salma

The Moroccan princess Lalla Salma became the owner of a shell company that bought a house for $ 11 million in a prestigious area of ​​London – at Kensington Palace.

The documents indicate that Salma bought this property with money from the & # 171; Moroccan royal family & # 187 ;. And she indicated her profession in the contracts – & # 171; princess & # 187 ;.

By the way: journalists also talked about the involvement of Pakistani minister Munis Elahi, President of Kenya, in offshore companies Uhuru Kenyatta, singer Shakira, model Claudia Schifer, singers Elton John and Julio Iglesias and many, many others.

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