Pandemic receding: encouraging WHO incidence data

Pandemic receding: encouraging WHO incidence data

The number of new cases of infection with the coronavirus COVID-19 continues to decrease worldwide.

This is reported by the World Health Organization.

According to the WHO, 3.6 million new cases were recorded in the world last week. In comparison, the week before that there were 4 million.

The organization's report clarifies that there is a significant decrease in cases of the disease in two regions: by 22% in the Middle East and by 16% in the Southeast Asia.

Over the past week, slightly less than 60 thousand people have died from complications caused by coronavirus, which is 7% less than a week earlier.

Southeast Asia reported a 30% decrease in deaths from COVID-19, and in the Western Pacific reported an increase of 7%.

Most cases of infection were registered in the USA, India, the UK, Turkey and the Philippines … The highly contagious Delta strain is currently seen in 185 countries.

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