Pamela Anderson is divorcing her fifth husband

 Pamela Anderson divorces fifth husband

American actress Pamela Anderson has filed for divorce from her husband, bodyguard Dan Hayhurst. This is reported by Rolling Stone, citing its source.

This is the sixth marriage of the 54-year-old star, but Hayhurst became her fifth official husband, because Anderson married the same man twice – film producer Rick Salomon .

The couple secretly got engaged in December 2020 after several months of a torrid romance, but the relationship began to crack. Anderson has already started the divorce process in her native Canada.

According to a source close to the couple, the couple is no longer living together. He called their relationship “an exhausted pandemic whirlwind” as their relationship began during quarantine.

Then they began dating just seven months after Anderson's divorce from her former husband, Hollywood mogul Jon Peters, were almost inseparable and married a few months later.

Earlier it became known that Pamela Anderson was accused of destroying the family. The former partner of her husband Dan Hayhurst, 42-year-old Carey, said that he cheated on her with Anderson after five years of relationship.

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