Palestinians fear escalation over Netanyahu return

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 Palestinians fear escalation over return of Netanyahu

The prospect of Benjamin Netanyahu returning to power worries Palestinians, who fear an escalation of the conflict with Israel.

Reuters reports.

” “Undoubtedly, the result of such a coalition will increase hostility towards the Palestinian people and make the occupation measures more severe,” said Bassam Salhe, a member of the executive committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization.

Hamas said the results mean increased potential violence.

“Clearly, the Israelis are leaning towards more extremism, which also means more aggression against our people. Governments led by Netanyahu that have unleashed several wars against our Palestinian people, and the presence of the most extremist figures in the coalition means that we will face more Zionist terrorism,” Hazem Kasem, a spokesman for the group, told Reuters.
< br /> A spokesman for PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas declined to comment on the preliminary results of the election, saying they would wait for the final results.

Reham Ouda, a Palestinian political analyst in Gaza, said the PA and the peace process could become “Under Netanyahu, the slogan will be: no peace, no two-state solution, more settlement, and the focus will be on Iran,” she said.

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