Palestinians criticize US for failing to stop Israeli 'escalation'

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 Palestinians criticize US for failing to stop Israeli 'escalation'

Palestinian officials expressed frustration with the US administration over its alleged inability to pressure the Israeli government to stop the Israeli “escalation”; against Palestinians in Judea and Samaria.

This is reported by the Jerusalem Post.

Officials also expressed frustration at Washington's failure to fulfill its promises to the Palestinians, including the opening of a US consulate in Jerusalem and a diplomatic mission The PLO in Washington.

Azzam al-Ahmed, a senior official in the ruling Fatah faction, said on Saturday that the US administration is “no better than Israel's right-wingers.”

Spokesman PA Chairman Nabil Abu Rudeine warned that the “ambiguity” The US administration's stance on the Arab-Israeli conflict will force the Palestinians to “react differently.”

Ahmed Majdalani, a member of the PLO Executive Committee, also criticized the Biden administration for its alleged pro-Israeli bias.

“The United States is the sole sponsor and protector of the occupying government and provides it with political and diplomatic cover in international forums,” he said.

on the ground by the rejection of agreements signed between the two parties.

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