Palestinians are trying to stop the erosion of the Gaza coast

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 Palestinians try to stop the erosion of the Gaza coast

Gazan authorities have ordered the dropping of giant concrete blocks along the coastline to stop the destructive action of the waves.

According to the Jerusalem Post, blocks placed on the beaches and in coastal waters are designed to counteract the waves, “corrosive” the foundations of some seaside cafes and buildings.

However, officials, as well as local residents, fear that the concrete blocks may not withstand another stormy winter, and high waves could cause the coastal road to collapse and threaten residential buildings.

“There are fears that if the waves rise higher, it could lead to disaster and flood many of these residential areas,” said Nasser Thabit of the Hamas-run Ministry of Public Works and Housing.

Tabit noted that installing vertical breakwaters or retaining walls along all or at least the most at-risk parts of the coast could cost about $150 million. Palestinian official called on international donors to help.

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