Palestinian who attacked IDF soldiers in 2018 found guilty

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 Palestinian who attacked IDF soldiers in 2018 found guilty

Palestinian Ala Kabha, who ran over a group of IDF soldiers in 2018, killing two fighters, has been found guilty of murder.

This was reported by the Times of Israel.

Ala Kabha was found guilty of two counts of intentional infliction of death and two counts of attempted infliction of death.

Kabha was rammed into a group of soldiers in their car on March 16, 2018, near a military post in Judea and Samaria, near the settlement of Mevo Dotan.

As a result of the collision, Sergeant Netanel Kahalani and Captain Ziv Daos were killed. Two more soldiers were wounded. The IDF later called the incident a terrorist attack.

Kabha initially claimed that the incident was an accident, but later changed his version and said that it was intentional and that he intended to kill the soldiers.

The initial hearing on the verdict will take place on September 11, according to the IDF. The families of the dead soldiers were notified of the development of the case.

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