Palestinian support for two-state solution falls

Palestinian support for the two-state solution falls

The Jerusalem Center for Media and Communication conducted a poll that showed that fewer Palestinians support the two-state solution. This was reported by The Jerusalem Post.

The number of those supporting the creation of the two states fell from 39% to 29%. At the same time, the number of those who support the creation of a bi-national state has grown from 21% to 26%.

In the West Bank, the number of Palestinians supporting a bi-national state is even higher than the number of those who support the idea of ​​two states (30% and 23%, respectively). In Gaza, 37% support the two-state solution.

33% of respondents consider peace negotiations to be the best method of “ ending the occupation '', 33% support armed resistance, and 20% support “ popular resistance as the best way to end the occupation and create a Palestinian state. ” >
The poll also showed that more and more Palestinians (57%) are dissatisfied with Abbas's work. Back in April, only 42% were dissatisfied.

The survey involved 1,200 Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza.

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