Palestinian shot dead by Israelis in downtown Samaria

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 Palestinian shot dead by Israelis in the center of Samaria

According to Palestinians, on Saturday, an Israeli shot and killed a Palestinian near the town of Karavat Bani Hassan, northwest of Ariel.
Mitkal Suleiman Abdel Halim Rai, a 27-year-old Palestinian, was shot dead by residents Hawat Yair in Samaria. A preliminary investigation by the IDF showed that a violent clash broke out between Jews and Arabs near Hawat Yair.

One of the Israelis opened fire after an Arab hit one of the Jews on the head with a rock. After receiving reports of clashes between dozens of Israelis and Palestinians at the scene, IDF soldiers arrived at the scene and began firing into the air, stopping the riots.
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According to the Samaria Regional Council, about 25 residents of the Havot Yair settlement were walking near the settlement when dozens of Palestinians began throwing stones at them and firing fireworks at them. The settlers called for help from the army, which was able to arrive only half an hour later due to the difficult terrain. According to the council, during the incident, one of the settlers fired into the air.

After the end of Shabbat, the head of the Samaria Regional Council, Yossi Dagan, assessed the situation with the leadership of the village and the security forces. Dagan announced that he fully supported the settler who fired the shot, stating “I fully support the citizen who defended his life and the lives of the travelers, the citizen who acted properly in defending his life from a violent and rampaging mob of terrorists.”

“A situation where Israelis cannot walk around their homes on Shabbat morning without fear for their lives is unacceptable and cannot continue”,– Dagan added.

On Friday evening, the IDF arrested two Palestinians in Karawat Bani Hassan as part of Operation Breakwater.

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