Palestinian car crashes into Israeli car, child killed

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 Palestinian car crashed into Israeli car, child killed

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A terrible accident occurred on the evening of July 27 on Highway No. 60 between Maale Levona and Eli.

A Palestinian car crashed into a car with members of the Zinman family from Shvut Rachel. Six-year-old Matan Zinman died from his wounds in the hospital, his sister was seriously injured. The mother, Rivka, received moderate injuries. In total, five members of the Zinman family were injured.

Rivka says: “We were on our way to a family reunion in Ariel. Suddenly, a car with Palestinians flew into the oncoming lane at high speed. I slowed down, but the Palestinian car was only accelerating. The collision took place at a gigantic speed. I lost my Matan due to Arab terror on the roads”.

Military helicopters evacuated the injured from the accident.

Palestinians in another vehicle, a man and a woman, were moderately injured and were evacuated to Shechem Hospital.

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